Furnishing Company Avocado Demonstrates How To Make Sustainability Affordable

Avocado was started to produce green mattresses and has remained committed to ensuring sustainability ever since. Their products are organic, non-toxic, and certified. Their company is a certified B corporation and carbon negative. They produce several products in addition to mattresses, all of which can be purchased in-person or online.

Sustainability is one of the many buzzwords of the twenty-first century. Broadly, it refers to encouraging and practicing development that doesn’t harm the environment or compromise future generations’ ability to develop. While many modern-day companies advocate sustainability, only a few rigorously follow. Avocado is one of them.

Started in 2016, after the founders were unable to find a truly green mattress (manufactured using non-toxic, organic, and natural materials) in the market, Avocado has remained committed to promoting sustainability.

How Sustainable Are The Avocado Mattresses?

Avocado controls its manufacturing process to ensure sustainability. The mattresses are designed in Hoboken and handmade in California in their own factory. Only the finest and certified organic, natural, and non-toxic materials are used. Similar principles and processes guide the production of their other products, from pillows to bedding. According to their website, their products are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Avocado is a certified B Corporation (since May 2020), a certification granted to those companies that balance profit and purpose. Further, it’s a running commitment. Post-certification, B-corps have the legal obligation to consider the results of their decisions on customers, workers, suppliers, community, and the environment, by altering their governing documents.

Avocado is Climate Neutral Certified. Their business has been recognized as “carbon neutral.” Taking this further, Avocado has gone carbon negative. The total carbon footprint generated by them from resource extraction to finished product delivery is offset. Additionally, their factories are driven by renewable energy and nearing the zero waste goal.

Avocado donates 1% of its revenues to non-profit organizations. On their farm, they look after approximately 200,000 sheep, as well as grow and produce natural latex.

Further, Avocado’s commitment to sustainability extends to all its products. As part of Avocado Green Brands, Reed + Gwen produces plant-based beauty products. With the theme of going beyond clean beauty, Reed + Gwen products are transparent, sustainable, safe, formulated with little or no water, manufactured in the US using the most optimal ingredients gathered from around the world, and are free of all synthetic fragrances.

Are Organic Mattresses Really Better?

The Avocado website lists 12 reasons why their organic mattresses are better for customers and the environment both.

Numerous studies have found that chemicals used in traditional manufacturing processes have a negative impact on human health. The toxic chemicals released by them contaminate the surroundings through abrasions, leaching, oxidation, and volatilization. Given that we spend a considerable amount of our time indoors, eliminating these chemicals can improve health and well-being.

Avocado uses 100% GOTS certified wool (Website). Along with being a natural, renewable resource, wool is breathable, odor-resistant, fire-resistant, and has a high level of thermoregulation (keeps one cool during the summer and warm during the winter).

In addition to organic wool, Avocado uses organic cotton. Sourced from farms where it’s grown without herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, the cotton breathes easily, is extremely absorbent of moisture, and has an exquisite finish.

In line with their sustainability goal, the Avocado Mattresses have less impact on the waste stream than traditional, bulky mattresses. Because they use organic components and no polyurethane foams or other toxic chemicals, their mattresses are biodegradable, and the innersprings (made of steel) are recyclable.

What Products Does Avocado Manufacture And Sell?

Avocado produces a wide range of products besides mattresses. These include toppers, bases, pillows, protectors, bedding, bed frames, furniture, bath, apparel, and clean beauty products. Their essentials range consists of city beds, linen duvets, alpaca duvet inserts, alpaca throws, green pillows, mini pillows, suvin sheets, cotton sheets, and mattress pads.

Further, on their website, you can shop according to buying preferences: on-sale products, vegan items, dog beds, eco mattresses, and eco mattresses for kids.

Where To Buy Avocado Mattresses From?

Avocado has numerous stores spread across California, New York, New Jersey, and DC. Their products are available online (on various shopping platforms and their website). Additionally, to combine convenience with security and comfort, you can schedule a zoom call with them: your queries and concerns will be resolved by their team over the personal consultation.