The Gift Of Green — Spread Happiness And Health With A Bloomscape Plant

Plants are known to improve air quality, which is especially important with the growing pollution. Bloomscape, with its founder coming from a family of five generations of greenhouse workers, delivers healthy plants to people’s doorsteps. Extensive supply chain knowledge and careful packaging ensures optimum plant condition. A variety of indoor and outdoor plants, along with plant care guides and accessories, are available on their website.

Research has increasingly found that indoor air quality is worsening, with outdoor air sometimes being better. Apart from air purifiers, there are numerous other ways to make indoor air cleaner. According to a series of experiments, under some conditions, indoor plants can reduce as much as 20% nitrogen dioxide (a common pollutant).

Bloomscape: Spreading And Nurturing Greenery

Coming down from a family of horticulturists in the Netherlands, Bloomscape is from a generation of greenhouse growers and floral industry innovators. To make the lives of all greener, Bloomscape delivers healthy plants to the doorstep, along with instructions and guidelines to care for the same.

Bloomscape’s founder, Justin Mast, learned the trick of keeping plants healthy during shipping through a deep understanding of the supply chain. Thanks to this knowledge, Bloomscape delivers ready-to-go plants without them being spoiled. Plants delivered by Bloomscape are delivered in 3 to 4 days from their greenhouse to your house, without spending any damaging time in a sunless truck or warehouse. Further, careful packaging ensures that any soil spillage is minimized.

Indoor Plants: Choose The Perfect Fit

Sometimes, people are plant enthusiasts but do not have the space for even an outdoor plant, much less for a garden. To make all homes greener, Bloomscape has a range of indoor plants.

All houses get different amounts of light. To accommodate this, there are options to buy low/artificial, partial/bright indirect, and direct sunlight requiring indoor plants. Further, since the availability of space varies, there are six different sizes, ranging from 5 inches to 5 feet, to choose from.

Plants are an investment. Though they bring a bunch of benefits, they also need to be taken care of. Keeping in line with different time constraints, there are No-Fuss, Easy, and Moderate difficulty plants. Additionally, the price is wide-ranging, from being as low as under $50 to above $200.

For pet owners, there are pet-friendly alternatives. Indoor plants that maximize air cleaning are also available.

To make sure that your plant is exactly as you like it, Bloomscape lets you shop from a wide range of Ecopots’ pots. Ecopots uses 80% recycled plastics and has earned the CO2 Neutral Product Certification.

Outdoor Plants: Build Your Garden

Bloomscape offers many outdoor plant options, ranging from Whimsical and Minimalist to Tropical and Colorful. Among their diverse flora and foliage, Whimsical includes white petunias and pink-flowering geraniums, Tropical has vines, dahlias, and lilies, Minimalist consists of subtle whites, silvers, and greens, while Colorful boasts of extra-large pink petunias and bright coleus.

Outdoor plants are available in sizes of 1 to 3 feet, with options from $50 to $150. You can choose plants according to the availability of daily sunshine, ranging from less than four to greater than six hours of direct sunlight.

Beyond Buying: Caring For The Plant

As mentioned, all plants require a level of care and maintenance. To help you on your green journey, Bloomscape offers an array of tools for plank upkeep. These include gardening sets, watering cans, gloves, and cutting tools.

Their garden supplies section offers pest control sets, various kinds of fertilizers, soils, fungicides, and neem oil. To make the process of repotting easier, you can buy one of Bloomscape’s repotting kits (available for various pot sizes).

To help beautify and accessorize your planting space, Bloomscape offers wooden plant stools and stands, handwoven baskets, plant sticks, and tarps. For portability and convenience, there are Ecopots’ saucers on wheels, hanging saucers, and macramé plant hangers. Apart from this, there are various sweatshirts, glow lights, and propagation kits.

Further, to clarify the process of plant care, there are A-Z Guides available on their website. You can check out tips and tricks to ensure plant health and also peruse their blog for various articles about seasonal plant care. Thus, Bloomscape tries to ensure that you have everything you need to care for your plant.