Towards Healthier Living — Bolthouse Farms Has Sustainable, Healthy, And Satiating Products

Healthy eating has been cited as a crucial factor in improving many areas of life. Bolthouse Farms is an organization promoting healthier food and sustainability. They produce beverages, dressings, and carrots, keeping the products as organic and healthy as possible. Additionally, they also invest in community improvement through donations and awareness programs.

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated the benefits of eating healthier. Based on meta-analyses and data from the Global Burden of Diseases (GBD), one study found that switching to a healthy diet from the 20s can increase lifespan by a decade. Apart from longevity, healthier food choices promote better overall health, lesser risk of cardiovascular and other illnesses, and also contribute to better mental health.

Bolthouse Farms: Helping People Live Healthier

Started in 1915 in Michigan, Bolthouse Farms specializes in producing healthier refrigerated beverages. Bolthouse Farms has widened from beverages and now produces a range of dressings and sells carrots as well.

Being attached to the roots, Bolthouse Farms integrates its quest for healthier products with steps towards building a healthier environment. To ensure optimum soil health and avoid soil damage, Bolthouse Farms use compost to regularly improve the soil, replenish organic matter, and help the roots grow. Further, given the loss from wastage and the problem of waste disposal, Bolthouse Farms ensure that wastage is minimized. For instance, the entire carrot is used: they are made into beverages, cut into baby carts, shaped into chops, or used as fertilizer for the fields.

Bolthouse Beverages

The Bolthouse Beverage range includes Protein Keto, Bolts, Fruit, Veggie, Protein Plus, and Café Beverages. The Protein Keto comes in six different flavors, ranging from coconut to coffee. Bolts has a range of options catering to various needs: immunity, digestion, and energy. The fruit smoothies are available in 18 different flavors, while the veggie beverages are divided into carrot-ginger, 100% carrot, daily greens, and 100% organic carrot. Lastly, the Protein Plus and Café categories have flavors within them as well. Further, all can be filtered to access dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free alternatives.

Bolthouse Farms try to preserve as many nutrients in the juicing process as possible. To achieve this, they practice flash pasteurization. Flash pasteurization controls spoilage, increases shelf-life, maintains flavor and nutrients, and helps retain most of the nutritional value. Further, the pasteurization process also kills all pathogens listed as necessary to be removed by the FDA.

Bolthouse Dressings

The Creamy Bolthouse Dressings come in a wide variety of flavors, such as ranch, lemon basil, cilantro avocado, and salsa ranch. These are made from yogurt to reduce the fat content and calories.

The vinaigrette dressings are available in three flavors: classic balsamic, Italian vinaigrette, and raspberry merlot. Additionally, there are no-dairy alternatives for vinaigrette dressings.

While the Bolthouse dressings may have a shorter shelf-life than other alternatives on the market (primarily due to the use of less oil and fat, both of which limit water activity in dressings and function as preservatives), they have other health benefits. None of the dressings contain any trans-fat, gluten, or high fructose corn syrup. All dressings are sweetened using cane sugar, apple juice, pineapple juice, raspberry juice, or white grape juice.

For additional information, the nutritional make-up of each dressing is available on their website.

Bolthouse Carrots

Bolthouse offers three categories of carrots: for cooking, for snacking, and organic. Under cooking, carrots come as a cello, in matchstick shape, as sweet petites, or as chips. For snacking, Bolthouse provides Baby Carrots, Snack Packs, Carrot Sticks, Pizza Snackers, Chili Lime Snackers, and Ranch Snackers. Organic carrots come in a variety of shapes: cello, baby carrots, julienned, and for juicing.

All carrots sold by Bolthouse Farms are preservative-free and without any added sweetener. Further, no carrots are genetically modified. Bolthouse Farms asserts that all carrots are thoroughly cleaned through scrubbing, rinsing, and using limited amounts of chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria.

Bolthouse Beyond Business

Started with the vision of Plants Powering People, Bolthouse’s current activities are focused on a People Powering Purpose vision. To realize the goal of a healthier and sustainable society, they donate to food banks, first responders, and homeless shelters; sponsor healthy eating events for local communities; volunteer; adopt families going through tough times and in need of support; organize runs and walks for numerous causes.