Blunt Has Shown How To Efficiently Upgrade An Everyday Product

Umbrellas have been around for a long time, with little change in their structure. However, Blunt has shown that umbrellas can be made more efficient by making careful design improvements for better performance. Blunt umbrellas combine technological improvement with style and sustainability and are available globally.

Blunt Has Taken A Traditional Product And Boosted It With Technology

The BLUNT Umbrella is a product of integrating advanced engineering with careful design, giving the world an evolved version of the regular umbrella.

The BLUNT Umbrella has a unique, patented, and trademarked Blunt shape and a fully tensioned canopy for unparalleled performance. It is the only umbrella in the market to have this feature.

Blunt was started in Warkworth, and BLUNT Umbrellas are currently available all over the world.

The Story Of Blunt’s Founder Shows How To Make Good Products Better

Blunt’s Founder, Grieg Brenber, grew up with a fascination for creating complex structures out of simple, basic materials. On one rainy day in London, after noticing the problems with traditional umbrellas, Brenber put this childhood fascination to action: he decided to build a better umbrella.

Following eighteen months of failed attempts at radical prototyping, Brenber finally began to make some headway and created the design solution.

How And Why Blunt Umbrellas Are An Improvement

The minute designing improvements provide Blunt Umbrellas with an edge over their traditional counterparts.

The patented Blunt Tip opens like a miniature umbrella within custom pockets at the canopy edge. It transfers the radical force into the canopy, thereby creating a superior structure that enhances performance. Typically, traditional umbrellas fail because of a point loading at the rib end, a feature that is eliminated in the Blunt umbrellas.

Blunt umbrellas utilize double struts to provide compressive forces for tensing the canopy. Further, these frames weather additional stresses and are constructed using materials specifically selected for withstanding the full range of forces exerted during use.

Lastly, to ensure that the design changes provide actual improvement, Blunt tests its umbrellas in a number of conditions. They have been tested against paintballs, firehoses, and wind tunnels (to a Category 1 Hurricane (115 km/h)).

Blunt Umbrellas Are Strong, Stylish, And Sustainable

Blunt uses materials in a better way by exploiting their mechanical properties, thereby ensuring that each component serves at least two functions. This, along with a simple design, lends extra strength to the umbrella. Blunt umbrellas have a unique, patented style. After combining with shapes and colors, Blunt ensures that all umbrellas are not only useful but stylish as well.

Blunt’s sustainability commitment is characterized by three factors: longevity, repairing over replacing, and packaging.

Frequently buying and discarding products due to poor quality, product deterioration, or other reasons harms the environment. Every product requires environmental resources and buying newer products exploits the limited resource base. Further, more often than not, waste disposal is an unsustainable process, and increasing waste contributes to worsening the environment. Therefore, Blunt manufactures umbrellas that are built to last, thereby reducing waste production and resource depletion.

As explained above, the greater the buying, the more the resource consumption. To combat this, Blunt operates on a ‘Repair, not Replace’ ethos. All Blunt Umbrellas are designed to be fully repairable. If anything goes wrong with the umbrella, it can be fixed. These services are available across the globe. To back this up, Blunt provides a two-year global manufacturer’s warranty.

Packaging has often been cited as majorly contributing to environmental degradation, primarily because of the large amount of plastic used and discarded. Blunt engages in sustainable packaging practices, under which only sustainably sourced, fully recyclable carbon boxes are used in packaging. Further, these boxes are strong and sturdy enough to be used multiple times.

The Range Of Blunt Products

Blunt offers compact and full-length umbrellas. In addition to this, Blunt has collaborated with several organizations and individuals to produce a range of collaboration umbrellas. They have teamed with the Safe Space Alliance, Blacklist, Ellen Porteus, Kelly Thompson, Flox, and Karen Walker.

Further, you can personalize your umbrella by adding your logo to it. Along with the range of umbrellas, Blunt also provides umbrella sleeves, tip replacements, and cap replacements. All products can be bought on their website.