BloomsyBox Shows How To Combine Sustainability, Quality, And Variety

Flowers are bought for all kinds of occasions. To save people the hassle of going to the florists’, BloomsyBox sources flowers from farms and delivers them to doorsteps. They offer an array of flowers and plants, along with caring and storage instructions. They ensure that all items are of the best possible quality and promote sustainability by only partnering with certified farms.

Changing Flower-Buying Practices

Flowers are one of the unique gifts that are a component of both joyous celebrations and somber occasions. However, finding the right flowers can be difficult.

To make flower buying easier, BloomsyBox delivers a variety of fresh-cut flowers at your desired location. Gone are the days when making a trip to the florists’ and arguing over the price was necessary to buy flowers. BloomsyBox saves you the trouble by delivering blooms sourced from Guayaquil, Ecuador, Bogota, Colombia, and Cayambe, Ecuador.

The Varieties Of Flowers At BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox sells a wide range of flowers, with selections of mix and single-flower bouquets.

Based on the type of flower, they offer mixed flowers, tulips, roses, tropical, and garden roses. Further, they also have a range of plants, including both indoor and outdoor plants. Each plant comes with a detailed description of its origin, placement instructions for optimum health, watering needs, and pot requirements.

Often, flowers are bought for specific occasions. To help choose the right flowers and bouquets, there is an occasion-wise categorization available on their website: you can choose from flowers selected for mother’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, saying congratulations, on the birth of a baby, expressing gratitude, wishing good health, and expressing sympathy.

Lastly, you can also shop by collections. There are sections for flowers that are delivered the very next day, preserved flowers, bonsais, and best gifting options.

If you are a flower lover, BloomsyBox offers the NYBG Subscription. NYBG Subscribers receive New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) boxes containing seasonal, hand-crafted bouquets curated with NYBG’s floral experts each month. Further, the box includes a special-edition, illustrated, collectible postcard, along with a special recipe flower food to lengthen the bouquet’s life. The subscription costs $69.99 every month, with free shipping.

The Quality of BloomsyBox Blooms And Plants

As a flower delivery company, BloomsyBox has to ensure that all flowers and plants are in the best possible state of health and freshness. As the first step towards this, BloomsyBox is involved in all stages of the growing, breeding, and quality control process of their flowers. They regularly test their blooms against the biggest flower retailers to ensure that the quality is at its best.

BloomsyBox has partnerships with approximately 48 family-owned farms. These farms have made substantial contributions to improving the flower industry, such as significantly improving the way flowers are cared for post-harvest and creating new flower varieties exhibiting unique colors. Further, the farmers try to avoid using pesticides as much as possible.

The flowers are arranged where they are grown on the farm itself. To ensure freshness and quality, each delivered stem is hand-picked and cut 2-4 days before reaching the customers. Further, many shipped flowers arrive in the bud form, thereby increasing their vase life.

Once delivered, you can check out the BloomsyBox website for instructions about how to care for the flowers and plants. To make bouquets last for as long as possible, BloomsyBox advises users to always use a clean vase, add an accurate quantity of cold water, cut an inch off the stems, ensure that no leaves are submerged in water, sprinkle food sachet contents into the vase, keep flowers away from ripening fruits, and refill the vase with water, if necessary. For tropical bouquets and flowers with different needs, there are separate instructions, centered on mimicking a tropical environment.

Building A Sustainable Business

With the growing importance and awareness around the need for living sustainably, numerous businesses are working on incorporating the same, and BloomsyBox is no different. Sustainability is not restricted to environmental concerns but also includes eliminating discrimination in practices and the use of ecological resources.

BloomsyBox signs partnerships only with Rainforest Alliance certified farms. A Rainforest Alliance Certification guarantees that no toxic chemicals have been used for fertilizing the flowers and that all farmworkers have been treated fairly. BloomsyBox works directly with farms, and the absence of middle agents helps farms enjoy greater profits, which in turn leads to better working conditions for their employees.