From Amateurs To Home Chefs — BlueStar’s All Chefs Demonstrate How To Grow As Cooks

BlueStar manufactures numerous cooking, ventilation, and refrigeration products. Numerous chefs use BlueStar equipment and inspire other home cooks to keep trying new recipes. BlueStar products are highly customizable, have multiple features, and are durable.

BlueStar Has An Extensive Range Of Appliances

BlueStar cooking manufactures a range of kitchen appliances designed to cater to all kinds of kitchen requirements.

For Cooking, they offer Ranges, Rangetops, Cooktops, Wall Ovens, and Broilers. Each has numerous filters, such as size, series, and type. To aid ventilation in the kitchen, there are Wall Hoods, Island Hoods, Liners, and Abbaka Series, and all are available in different sizes and colors. They also provide various sizes and hinges of Columns, Built-in, and Counter Depth Refrigeration, along with a 24” Dishwasher Panel with 1000+ color choices.

Many BlueStar appliances are partially customizable. However, the Custom Hood is entirely designed according to customer choices. Working with the buyer, BlueStar creates Hoods with the design, color, material, strapping, and dimensions as directed by the customer. Once individuals approve the drawing of the model sent by BlueStar, the Custom Hood is manufactured and shipped.

All-Star Chefs: Growing With Passion

During the pandemic, given the lockdown and other restrictions, cooking at home became increasingly common. The trend has continued even as the pandemic wanes, with individuals looking to discover newer ways of enhancing home-cooked meals. BlueStar’s All-Stars Chefs can serve as a guiding point for home-cooking aspirants.

All-Star Chefs are individuals driven by their passion for food and a quest to cook restaurant-quality food at home. The 12 All-Star Chefs are a mix of restaurant owners, cookbook writers, and professional chefs. They specialize in different kinds of foods, and their recipes are available on the BlueStar website.

The All-Star Chefs help home cooks draw inspiration for experimenting and growing on their cooking journey. Their detailed recipes can help amateurs grow into experienced cooks.

Additionally, you can also find a list of their favorite BlueStar products. Further, customers can also peruse the All-Star Chefs’ kitchens to find ideas for designing their own.

Reasons For Choosing BlueStar Kitchen Appliances

Apart from the approval of celebrated chefs, BlueStar equipment has numerous useful features. According to their website, BlueStar products demonstrate superior performance and help cook restaurant-quality food at home.

Their Platinum Series contains PrimeNovaTM Burners which deliver a 25,000 BTU flame. This provides high, concentrated heat, leading to an unbeatable searing and a highly rapid boil. On the other hand, BlueStar’s 130-degree simmer burner offers precise temperature control and flame disbursement. These are ideal for melting chocolates or slowly warming delicate sauces and soups.

Their products allow for authentic wok cooking. No additional ring is required, and woks can be directly placed on the open flame after removing the grate. Further, BlueStar manufactures extra-large convection ovens. These can accommodate a full-size commercial sheet pan, feature True European Convection, and 1850 degree Fahrenheit infrared broilers for professional-level outcomes.

As stated on their website, BlueStar products combine design, quality, and durability. Along with rugged styling typical of commercial models, BlueStar’s handcrafted appliances are made using commercial-grade, high-quality stainless steel.

One of BlueStar’s unique offerings is the considerable number of customization options. The Cooktops include models that provide integrated cooktop accessories like built-in griddles and charbroilers. Alternatively, you can opt for a Platinum Series cooktop, which allows for maximum flexibility with charbroilers that can be moved anywhere on the stovetop.

In terms of colors of textures, you can either choose one from their 1000+ color and texture options or have them apply something different. To have a unique appliance, you need to send them a sample of the desired color.

For upgrading the look of the appliances, there are options to add colorful knobs and trims. These colors can be updated easily. They offer ten types of metal trims, including brass, copper, and stainless steel, many of which are available on their cooking, ventilation, and refrigeration equipment.

The ovens and refrigeration products offer door customization. Most ovens have four different options for the doors: standard drop down, swing left, swing right, and French Doors (preferred by chefs). In addition to that, given the different layouts of people’s kitchens, their refrigeration line provides left and right door swing options.