Your Gifting Problems Solved! — Baked By Melissa Has A Sweet Solution For All Gifting Troubles

Baked by Melissa, started as a small cupcake venture, has grown to sell various desserts in wide-ranging flavors. In addition to the usual delicacies, there are various gifting options available. Orders can be placed on their website and scheduled to arrive on specific dates.

When Baked by Melissa began, it was a small cupcake venture with its first order from a deli across the street from its founder’s apartment. From operating through a website to launching its first retail store, Baked by Melissa has undergone many changes, with one constant: the aim to satisfy people’s sweet cravings with the most unique flavors. With a range of products on their aisle, Baked by Melissa has numerous gifting options to choose from.

Birthdays and Babies

Birthdays are occasions where sweet delicacies and delectable desserts are in hot demand. Baked by Melissa’s has an extensive range of birthday-centered gift products. They offer 25 and 50-pack birthday gift boxes, with 4 and 5 different assortments, respectively. Apart from this, there are also birthday boxes plus accompanying birthday presents, like cupcakes, cards, and candles. For an all-out cupcake treat, there are 12, 25, and 100-pack cupcake birthday boxes.

If you’re not big on baked goods or too-sweet stuff, you can opt fr their selection of mini cupcakes. There are various options to choose from among them as well.

For the babies, Baked by Melissa’s has cupcake packs, individual cupcakes, and celebration boxes (consisting of cupcakes, gift boxes, and a tie-dye onesie). They are available for boys and girls separately, but there are also non-gender-specific options.

Gratitude Giving

Sometimes, the best way to demonstrate your gratitude is not through words but with a present. Baked by Melissa has a range of thank you gifts. There are 25-pack and 50-pack gift boxes. There are numerous cupcake gift boxes varying in flavors, number of cupcakes, and add-ons.

In addition to the classic cupcakes, you can also choose The Mac Macarons gift, which allows you to select six different flavors for the macarons. For expressing your gratitude to your teachers, there is the Best Teacher Ever E-Gift Card. Additionally, there is also a general Thank You E-Gift Card.

Expressing Emotions

Expressing emotions verbally or explicitly can be difficult. Baked by Melissa’s offers a sweet solution to this problem in the form of their range of ‘Thinking of You’ gift boxes. Along with the ‘Thinking of You’ range, they also have the ‘Sending Love’ and ‘You’re Doing Great’ options.

To cater to different dietary requirements, gluten-free and vegan gift boxes are also available.

Engagements, Weddings, and Gifts

Weddings are primary gift-giving occasions. For these very special moments, Baked by Melissa has wedding cupcakes, congratulations gift boxes (tie-dyed and ordinary, 25-pack and 50-pack), party favorite cupcake boxes, and boxes of 25, 50, and 100 cupcakes.

Their wedding cupcakes are fluffy and carefully hand-crafted with white vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream icing, Bavarian cream stuffing, and white chocolate shavings to top. However, if the white wedding is not your cup of tea, there are loads of other cupcake options available on their menu.

If cupcakes are not your (or the wedding couple’s) thing, there are also several macarons gift boxes to choose from. In addition to The Party Mac Macarons, they also have The Mac Macarons and a 100-pack of macarons. The macarons are bite-sized, with six different flavors for choosing.

Numerous cupcake and macaron packs are available in gluten-free options too.

Made for Mothers’

To make your mother’s day celebrations sweeter, Baked by Melissa’s has a number of limited-edition cupcake and macaron gift boxes in six exclusive flavors.

From Mother’s Day Gift Boxes of varying sizes to the Best Mom Ever Cupcakes, Baked by Melissa’s has a gift to satisfy all mothers. In consideration of health restrictions, there are vegan and gluten-free options available. They also have Best Buds Cupcake packs, Party Mama 100 cupcake packs, and a PSOG Party Safe Cupcake pack. There are also a few macaron gift options.

In addition to cupcakes and macarons, Baked by Melissa sells E-gift cards. There are ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Congrats’, ‘You’re Doing Great’, and ‘Best Teacher Ever’ cards.

Ordering and Delivery

When ordering, you can avail the option of scheduling the arrival date. Baked by Melissa ships all over the US and provides same-day delivery in Manhattan.