A Place For All — From Quiet Thinkers To Reckless Adventurers, Asheville Leaves No One Out

Asheville, a city in the US, offers a number of choices for tourists to explore. These include art galleries, museums, monuments, hiking, camping, fishing, food tours, spas, wellness resorts, shopping trails, branded stores, and local boutiques. It also provides various options for visitors to stay as per their convenience.

Only a few cities in the world have something to offer for each kind of traveller, and Asheville, located in North Carolina, USA, is one of them. Dubbed as an art colony, healing resort, and the ultimate playground, Asheville is home to numerous statesmen, bohemians, and luminaries.

For The Artists And Architecture Buffs

With a combination of Art Deco, Neoclassical Styles, and Beaux-Arts, Asheville has a rich architectural history. Alongside these retro-urban elements are locally-owned shops, art galleries (more than 30 in the downtown alone), and unique restaurants. Unlike other cities, Asheville has maintained and preserved its historic and architecturally diverse downtown.

At Asheville, you can find hundreds of fine artists, mountain crafters, artsy neighborhoods, performing arts nevus, folk artists, and attend numerous art events. Art enthusiasts can spend a day at Asheville’s River Arts District, follow the South Slope Mural trail consisting of about 17 colorful artworks, or witness North Carolina’s longest-running Shakespeare festival.

If you’re more of an architecture and history person, you can try the Asheville Urban Trail, or explore the historical, often overlooked Grovewood Village.  Apart from that, you can also visit one of the many museums in Asheville.

For The Fans Of The Great Outdoors

Asheville is bursting with activities to satisfy the appetite of adventure and thrill-seekers.

Surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville has more than a million acres of protected wilderness. Hiking, Biking, Fishing, and Paddling are some of the many adventure activities available in the mountains.

Hiking trails at Asheville lead to mountaintops and waterfalls. For a view of secluded backcountry trails, you might consider trying mountain biking. For something connected to water, you can go fishing in one of the mountain streams or try kayaking along the French Broad River. If you want a quieter but scenic experience, there is the drive along Blue Ridge Parkway, where you’ll see native wildflowers.

For wildlife enthusiasts, Asheville offers bird-watching, chances to spot elks, and wildlife-centered hiking tours. There is also a WNC Nature Center and Wildlife Park at a distance of just 10 minutes from downtown Asheville.

For Those Seeking Peace And Relaxation

Asheville is not just bustling with art and outdoor activities but also a getaway spot for people looking for some quiet peace. Asheville has long been known as a therapeutic escape and a place for rejuvenation.

To calm your body and mind, there are salt caves, foot spas, yoga tours, and several other spa and wellness options at your disposal. To immerse yourself in something diverse ye relaxing, Asheville has the choice of Outdoor Japanese Spas, where you’ll experience hot tub soaks, cedar saunas, and top-quality massages. Offering all these services, the Shoji Spa is located minutes away from the downtown.

For The Food Enthusiasts

Called Foodtopia, the Asheville food community consists of culinary collaborators that combine creativity and passion with the local flavors to enhance your culinary experience. To satisfy all palates, Asheville has a variety of restaurants offering all kinds of foods: Mediterranean, vegetarian, four-star luxuries to home-cooking comfort.

To fully live out the culinary trip, you can try out the different wines, explore the farms and farmers’ markets, and go on food adventures as diverse as checking out The Western NC Cheese Trail to going Apple Picking nearby.

For The Shopping Lovers

Asheville has open-air markets and unique boutiques alongside chains of well-known national brands. If you amble down their tree-lined shopping districts, you will discover independent bookstores, craft galleries, specialty shops, and vintage apparel stores.

At the Asheville Biltmore Village, you can find a variety of artistic goods to choose from, while the Asheville Emporium is one of the best places to buy a souvenir or gift. The numerous specialty shops at Asheville offer goods ranging from handmade items to hardware products.

For Stay

At Asheville, there are a number of options for staying during your vacation. As suited to your needs, you can choose from hotels, resorts, cabins, cottages, campgrounds, hostels, and bed and breakfast options.