Three Brothers Bakery Has A Gift For Everyone And Every Occasion

If you still haven’t taken down your Christmas decorations, then you might not realize it, but another holiday – Easter – is just around the corner. Holidays are celebrations of life, occasions to spend time with those close to you, and times to stress over gifting. Not just for holidays, but sending/giving gifts for any occasion can be stressful. If you don’t know what gift you’re going to give, the stress can completely ruin your fun event.

The Gifting Solution

Three Brothers Bakery has the sweetest, warmest solution. Started nearly 200 years ago, the Three Brother Bakery has traveled from Europe to Houston and created a menu of equally diverse items. From the simplest breads to the fanciest cakes, Three Brothers Bakery has it all.

With its origin in Europe, the bakery is famous for its traditional Eastern European and Jewish cookies, breads, pies, cupcakes, and more. Apart from that, they also have a range of American desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.


When you think of a gift, breads might not be the first thing that pops into your mind. However, the Three Brothers Bakery’s breads can be your unique and healthy gift for anyone and a dream-come-true for bread lovers. The Bakery specializes in challahs, rye breads, and Pullmans, offers numerous options to choose from within them and also has a range of other breads, from French loaves to onion rolls.

Cookies and Cupcakes

Cookies and cupcakes have always topped gift lists, thanks to how irresistible they are. From the traditional gingerbread and chocolate chip to the healthier oatmeal and peanut butter, Three Brothers Bakery has all of them. For something more festive, they also offer dipped and iced cookies, along with cookie trays and packages (they come in both options: you can customize your box or buy a pre-packaged one). In cupcakes, the items include the classic cupcake favorites as well as newer additions like Oreo and Italian cream. For the cupcake fanatic, they have a Jumbo Cupcake Special, which includes six cupcakes.

Pies and Pastries

Only the very few can say no to pies and pastries. The Three Brothers Bakery sells 21 different types of pies, all freshly baked and ready to be delivered. Additionally, you can also buy the Pie and Coffee Gift Pack, wherein you can choose from their hand-roasted in-house coffee beans (whole or grounded) and opt for either the pecan pie or the chocolate pecan pie. Their delectable pastry range includes everything from brownies, macaroons, and éclairs to bars, rum balls, and squares, with a sugar-free option for the health-conscious. For a bigger treat, there are Pastry Assortment Trays available in two sizes: large, with 24 pieces, and small, for 12 pieces.


The ultimate gift, for anyone and everyone, and for every occasion, are cakes. With 152 cake options distributed over the categories of cheesecakes, coffee cakes, dessert cakes, pound cakes, and sponge cakes, the Three Brothers Bakery has something to satisfy every craving. The items include the most basic pound cakes as well as carefully prepared tiered cakes with meticulous frostings. For easier navigation, they have divided the cakes into Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Cakes, Birthday and Special Occasion Cakes, Children’s Cakes, Graduation Cakes, Holiday Cakes, Religious Cakes, and Sports Cakes.

If you wish for something specific, you also have the choice to build your cake. Under this feature, across 78 different cakes, you can customize the taste and look of your cake to make it just right for your special occasion. You can also choose the size (along with directions about how many people it can feed), the cake flavor, the icing flavor, the filling flavor, the writing color, and the message on the cake (60 characters max).

Apart from this, they also have various muffins, bagels, coffees, and petit fours. To make everything easier and simpler, you can go for their Corporate Gifting feature. Under that, the Three Brothers Bakery will do the work for you and also offer discounts, customized wooden boxes with your logo, messages, and personalized cards. You just have to send a list of addresses, cards, or notes.

Gift-giving and receiving is the hallmark of our celebrations, but it can turn into a hassle. If you wish to give something special (or treat yourself!), Three Brothers Bakery has got your back.