Science is Cooking — How Products Like Pit Barrel and Co.’s Cooker Demonstrate That Science Can Revolutionize Cooking

Summary: Science is entering into and altering all aspects of life, including cooking. Traditional cooking methods are being improved with scientific inputs, and Pit Barrel and Co.’s cooker did precisely that. The Pit Barrel is a complete grilling unit that is durable, portable, consistent, and different from the traditional grills. Its cylindrical shape allows food to be cooked from all sides, rendering it flavorful and evenly prepared. Pit Barrel produces cookers of varying sizes for different customer needs, and its products have earned good reviews over the years.

Ever since humans have gained consciousness, they have made scientific interventions and changed the way things were done (purely technically, in a way, the discovery and use of fire is entirely based on experimentation). Cooking, steeped in traditional methods and age-old recipes, was one of the fields that seemed to stay just out of reach of science, but not anymore. Scientific knowledge, and the technologies produced via its implementation, have started to alter and improve our cooking methods.

One example of this is Pit Barrel and Co.’s cooker. Over the years, Pit Barrel and Co. have launched numerous kitchen accessories, but their original cooker remains the standout product of their company.

Traditionally, barbecues were cooked on grills that cook meat and other products using a direct, singular heat source. On the other hand, Pit Barrel and Co. developed a cylindrical cooker that allows food to be placed in the center and heated from all sides at once. The secret to their cooker’s consistent cooking at each go is the 360-degree All-Round Heat Dynamics.

Pit Barrel and Co. cookers are affordable and easy to use. At all places in the continental U.S., shipping is free right to doorsteps for orders over $49.99.

The cooker comes with two options: you can either hang the food from the provided hooks or grill it on the included grate. In addition to these, the package also consists of a steel drum of a selected size, steel hanging rods, a charcoal basket, a wooden hook remover, a three-point barrel stand, a 5oz. All-Purpose Pit Rub, and a 5oz. Beef and Game Pit Rub.

What advantage does cooking from all sides have over the traditional grill? According to their website, as the hanging meat cooks, the juices drip onto the hot coals underneath. The consequent smoke fog fills the barrel, swathes the meat or other food, and increases the infusion of flavor further. For grilling on the grate, the larger distance between the coals and the grate helps in reducing the ‘hot spots,’ and the food gets cooked more evenly still.

Apart from the list of features and equipment, the Pit Barrel and Co. cooker has been built to endure the heat of charcoal cooking from the inside and boasts a porcelain enamel coating to prevent weather damage from the outside. The porcelain enamel (that coats each drum and lid) also makes Pit Barrel durable. However, the durability does not reduce convenience and portability: Pit Barrel cookers are constructed to be compact and light. They can fit into the backs of most vans, SUVs, and trucks, allowing you to carry the cooker with you to your barbecue nights with friends and family.

To suit different preferences and needs, Pit Barrel and Co. has a range of cookers. They come in sizes of 14’’ (Pit Barrel Junior), 18.5’’ (The Classic Pit Barrel), and 22.5’’ PBX (the latest). For ultimate grill lovers, they also provide a Pitmaster Package which includes, in addition to the standard Pit Barrel pack, pit grips, a chimney, one pack of 4 meat hooks, an ultimate hook took, 2 X 3 Hanger Value Pack, and tongs.

The biggest strength of Pit Barrel is perhaps the detailed thought behind its creation (Noah Glanville, Pit and Barrel’s Founder, built 29 prototypes before finalizing) and the strong reception it received. As seen on their website, not just the regular public but experts have vouched for the efficiency and versatility of Pit Barrel’s cooking as well. More than anything, Pit Barrel, with its combination of science and cooking, opened a new field for innovations.