Inclusivity In Eating — How B-Fine Enables Everyone To Have Food Of Their Preference

Following different diets and dietary restrictions have raised the demand for suitable snacks. B-Fine produces healthy, junk-free snacks for Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Vegan diets. These products come in various flavors and enable all individuals to enjoy their snack break the way they want.

According to results based on Google Search trends and frequency, research concluded that weight loss, or getting fitter, was the most popular New Year’s resolution in 2022. In addition to that, 1 in 133 individuals have celiac disease (a genetically inherited condition wherein people experience intestinal problems upon gluten ingestion), while estimates suggest that 0.6%-6% of the population without celiac disease may be allergic to gluten. For health-watchers and allergic people, finding the right snacks can be especially difficult.

What Is B-Fine?

Jeff Schmidgall approached his brother-in-law (a culinary expert) for a healthy yet delicious snack, and B-Fine was born. From selling a grain-free snack mix to friends and family, the two men now produce snacks for various diets and food preferences.

With the aim of promoting healthy, nutritious food, B-Fine produces junk-free snacks. Saba Bananas, Premium Nuts and Seeds, Coconuts, and Premium Seasoning Blends are their most frequently used ingredients. Some of their products can be more expensive than others on the market simply because grain-free alternatives and highest-quality, non-GMO ingredients can be costly. For more information, their recipes are published on their website.

What Diets Are B-Fine Products Suitable For?

B-Fine products cater to a wide variety of dietary preferences. They manufacture ‘Nana Chips, Granola and Ungranola, Variety Packs, and Nut and Snack Mixes, all with sweet and savory alternatives.

Keto diets primarily involve cutting down on carbs and indulging in other nutrients like healthy fats and proteins. However, it can be difficult to find low-sugar, low-carb snack alternatives. To solve this, B-Fine produces Keto Nut Mixes and Granolas, made from their premium ingredients. Each serving of these products has only two grams of net carbs. The products come in packs of 2 for various flavors (Sweet, Chocolate, Chilli, Cinnamon, Savory).

Derived from the word Paleolithic, Paleo diets focus on consuming the food of our ancient ancestors, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, etc. Intake of processed grains is limited or completely avoided. To cater to the Paleo enthusiasts, B-Fine has a range of grain-free snacks. They manufacture healthy and flavorful Grain-Free Granola (Bourbon Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Banana, Apple), Simple Snack Mixes (Savory, Smoked BBQ, Ranch), and Saba Chips (Sea Salt, Blazing Buffalo, Garlic Parm).

Further, all these Keto and Paleo snacks can be consumed by those allergic to gluten as well or people who are simply looking to lessen gluten consumption.

Veganism refers to a lifestyle based on avoiding harm to animals, including the non-usage of animal products. A major part of veganism is following a vegan diet by not consuming meats, dairy products, honey, and other foods produced from animals. B-Fine has an array of vegan chips, granola, and snack mixes. Many of the Keto and Paleo diet products fall into the vegan category as well.

The B-Fine Snack Mixes and ‘Nana Chips have a shelf life of 12 months, while the Ungranolas can be consumed up to 18 months from the manufacturing date.

How Healthy Are The Snacks?

B-Fine has a range of snacks, and they differ in their health content and nutritional value.

The banana chips are produced from Saba Bananas, which have 75% less sugar than the bananas usually found at the supermarket. As a result, most of their ‘Nana Chips and Snack Mixes contain around 1 gram of sugar per serving. The bananas, being high in resistant starch, have a prebiotic effect, which can improve digestion. Further, while their banana chips are fried in coconut oil, it is nutrient-dense.

The saturated fat in some snacks comes from the use of coconut oil. However, as their website cites, saturated fat might not be as unhealthy as previously thought.

The sodium content in the snacks is due to the trace-mineral-rich Sea Salt used to imbibe bolder flavors. According to Dr. Chris Kresser, eliminating sodium intake entirely can be potentially harmful.

Further, B-Fine is a Project Verified Non-GMO and has been certified Kosher, Vegan, and Paleo by Earth Kosher. To check for food allergens in their snacks, you can go through the list on the back of the snack packs. Identical information is available on their product pages as well.