There’s A Lunch Bag For Everyone, Every Need, And Every Style

The Arctic Zone is a leading manufacturer of lunch bags, among other packing essentials. Their commodities are produced after detailed research, attention to safety, and after meeting various quality requirements. To cater to a consumer base with diverse requirements, they have an array of carefully produced lunch bags. For customer assistance, they also provide a number of lunch bag usage tips.

Lunch Bags At Arctic Zone: How They Work

Started in 1986 as the California Innovations brand (initially for producing coolers and lunch bags), the Arctic Zone has widened to produce a wide range of versatile, insulated, and easy-to-use lunch bags. Arctic Zone is the first brand to make insulated, dual compartment, and ice wall lunch packs.

To produce the best items for its customers, California Innovations invests in extensive research. For adult lunch products, they survey 1,000 women online. Further, they also display their lunch items at schools and conduct interactive discussions with grades K-6 kids. They employ focus groups and consumer panels and keep track of and rely on industry-specific research. All the information derived from these various sources is employed when determining potential profiles, designs, and trends.

Lunch Bags For All Needs

Arctic Zone has a wide variety of lunch bags to offer. For ease of navigation, these have been divided into type and collection on their website, along with separate sections for Best Sellers, New Arrivals, Ice Packs, Food Containers, and fast-selling out items.

For diverse uses and requirements, they have a range of expandable lunch bags. To help maintain the cold, they offer Fridge Cold and Freezable Ice Wall lunch bags. The Meal Prep Bags (with complementary containers available) are perfect for planning all your meals ahead of time. For kids, Arctic Zone offers lunch bags with graphics, while there is a separate range of Adult Lunch Bags.

In addition to these, they also provide Eco Lunch Bags, Zipperless Lunch Bags, Lunch Bags with Shoulder Straps, and Lunch Kits that come with ice and containers.

More Than A Bag: Top Tips To Maximize Bag Performance

You may assume that there isn’t much to using a lunch bag, but you would be surprised by the amount of improvement your food can experience if you make some changes in how you use your lunch bag. Numerous variables affect the duration of time for which food or beverages stay cold. Some of the variables include the temperature of contents at packaging time, the ambient air temperature, the volume of the packed contents, and the amount as well as the type of ice or ice packs used.

According to the Arctic Zone website, following certain steps can keep your food cooler for longer. For starters, the colder the contents at the time of packing, the longer they will stay cold. If you fill your lunch bag with cold food and beverages, it will remain cold for longer (which is why it’s preferable to have a packed small bag than a half-filled large one). Using an ice pack or an ice wall would also keep your food colder for longer, and stacking ice packs will lengthen the time still. If you want to ensure a cold temperature for longer, opt for the Arctic Zone ice wall lunch bag.

In addition to that, whenever a refrigerator is nearby, store the lunch bag in it. Keeping the lunch bag sealed in order to allow no cold air to escape would ensure longer cool times. Lastly, it is essential to clean your lunch bag regularly. While most Arctic Zone Lunch Bags have interiors lined with Microban Antimicrobial Protection to inhibit bacteria and odor, cleaning ensures no bacteria remain. Almost all residues, and both the interior and exterior of the bag, can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a soap solution.

Are Arctic Zone Products Safe?

According to their website, all Arctic Zone products meet CPSC Safety Requirements, are PVC-free, and are FDA compliant. Additionally, all commodities are certified by the Ultra Safe Protection System (USPS), developed exclusively by Arctic Zone and enforced by their Quality Control Team. The USPS monitors all production stages to ensure maximum quality.

Their products meet the U.S FDA, U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, California’s Proposition 65 and EN-71 Part 3, and European Union’s stringent standards.