Dog Beds — Why Sleep Is Equally Important For Your Pet And How Casper Has The Perfect Solution

Recent research and media highlight the importance of sleep for humans every day. While there is a ton of information about when, how, and where to sleep as humans, what about your furry companion? As any dog owner knows, dogs sleep much more than humans. Puppies need an average of 11 hours of sleep, adult dogs require 13.5 hours, and older dogs need yet more sleep, with more daytime naps and longer duration. As carnivores and active animals, the rest sleep brings is vital for dogs.

But more surprising than how much dogs sleep is that dogs, like humans, can suffer from sleep disorders. While there may be many reasons why your dog isn’t sleeping well, one important (and easily rectified) is ensuring that your dog has a comfortable bed. Even if your dog isn’t experiencing any sleep troubles, getting a dog bed is advisable. Crates or kernels, traditionally used for sleeping dogs, are neither comfortable nor adept at providing adequate support.

To solve this dog dilemma, Furnishing Company Casper, a specialist in sleep products ranging from mattresses to sleep masks, produces carefully crafted dog beds. The beds have removable covers for washing and are made of two layers of foam (Visco Elastic Memory Foam and Polyurethane Support Foam). The beds come in three sizes: small (for dogs up to 13 kilograms), medium (for dogs up to 27 kilograms), and large (for dogs up to 40 kilograms). The removable covers for the dog beds come in nylon, polyester, and olefin.

The Casper website also provides care instructions for the beds to ensure durability in optimum condition. If the construction of washing the covers in cold water for gentle cycles and dry low tumbling are correctly followed, the product will last for longer. The bed also comes with a limited warranty of up to one year. With the choice of three colors (blue, sand, and gray) and free delivery in many regions, Casper also gives customers the option of returning dog beds for up to 30 days after purchase.

As their website states, these dog beds have been constructed following extensive research on canine sleep behavior. The dog beds combine owner easiness with dog necessities. They have features like sewn-in pockets to hide metal zippers for preventing your floors from scratching and have been tested and approved by canines. These beds don’t sink, slump, or sag, thanks to the fortified construction. Almost all dogs have the habit of scratching their bed to make the spot warm, mark their territory, out of curiosity, or due to anxiety. Proving the detailing of their research, Casper’s engineers have made beds that can handle the constant scratching and digging by dogs and resemble the sensation of pawing at the ground.

Casper has built a market in sleep products since quite a few years ago. Since its inception in 2014, the company has widened from mattresses to pillows, glow lamps, bed frames, beddings, and various sleep accessories, though the mattresses remain their trademark product. The engineers who design their reputed mattresses have been put to work to create their range of dog beds, further assuring its quality.

For any product, no matter how extensive the research or how higher certified it is, the biggest test and approval comes from the customers. Casper’s dog beds have passed this criterion. Many consumers across various platforms and websites (and their pets, indirectly) have vouched for Casper’s dog beds. With a strong rating on their website, the general consumer verdict is that their dogs love the bed, sleep comfortably in it, and are unwilling to give it up for other, previous sleeping spots. The reviews are diversified, coming from owners of younger and old, small and large dogs, thereby proving the consistent efficiency of Casper’s dog beds.

As people grow increasingly fond of their dogs, they want to provide them with the best comfort. Dogs need comfortable beds for optimal rest and avoiding joint pain, primarily because of extended sleep time. Currently, in the market, Casper produces a range of one of the best-reviewed and carefully constructed dog beds.